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3 Shocking Truths About The Supplement Industry

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

The supplement industry is unfortunately a wild-west. 🔫

Most products are regulated retrospectively, meaning any dangerous ingredients or substances are only detected after they hit the market, usually after hundreds of adverse health events have occurred. ☠️

Companies utilize extremely effective (and unethical) marketing practices which intentionally misinform consumers by providing erroneous, misleading science & data, and companies often also leverage huge influencers who are usually paid large sums of money to promote a product they have never used. 💵

It is increasingly more challenging for consumers to know what to take for their specific goals, how much of it, when, and how it works.

Here are the three facts most shocking to us about the supplement industry at large:

  1. 1 in 5 supplements are tainted with banned substances

  2. There is no legal requirement for supplements to be licensed or registered with the UK government

  3. Most supplements contain dosages well below the clinically researched effective dose

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