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The Sorry State Of Health Affairs Globally

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Did you know that in 2016, more than 1.9 billion adults were overweight or obese - that was 39% of the world population. 🍔

This is accompanied by a doubling of cardiovascular disease cases since 1990, a 100% increase in cases of diabetes since 1998, and incidence rates for all cancers increasing by 12% since 1990. 💉

Its no suprise that inadequate nutrition has played a hugely influential role in all these preventable diseases. To put this in context - In the US and UK, total daily caloric intake has increased by 8% and 3% respectively. That might not sound like much, but over a week in the US that adds up to 2000 calories - a whole extra days worth of food. 🤢

Educate yourself, get healthy, move more. 🏃🏽‍♀️

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